Ariston Raspberry Infused Vinegar

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Weight: 8.45 Fl oz Gluten Free / GMO Free


Concentrated Grape Juice, Wine Vinegar, Raspberry Juice 10%. Contains Naturally Occurring sulfites. 

Raspberry Condiment make the perfect salad dressing for leafy salads and white cheese. This fresh tasting dressing is perfect on a mesclun mix. This gourmet combination enhances many of your food dishes. Use 33% balsamic vinegar and 66% olive oil to make a salad dressing and 45% balsamic vinegar and 55% olive oil will give you a marinade.

  • Ariston basil infused olive oil and raspberry condiment pair perfectly for a dressing
  • Enhance your tomato salads, caprese salads and garden salads with this pair
  • 8.45 oz. in glass bottles
  • From the world renowned messinia region of Greece fro olive oil, olives and figs production and modena, Italy known for their balsamic vinegar
  • High in polyphenols, high in vitamin E, monounsaturated fat(healthy fat)