Historic Lynchburg Tennessee Whiskey BBQ Sauce - 151 Poof

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Weight: 16 oz 1st Place Winner! American Royal International Sauce Contest!

Gluten Free / NO MSG / 151 Poof /  EXTRA HOT!!! 

The hottest of the three versions, this Fiery Smokin' Hot BBQ sauce is outta this world good. Made with Jack Daniel's Black Label Tennessee Sour Mash Whiskey. Our family recipe was created around the turn of the century, almost five generations ago. The old folks wanted a distinctive flavor and realized that local Tennessee Whiskey was the answer. The family is proud of their delicious barbecue sauce and they are committed to providing the finest traditional old time quality barbecue sauce available.


Tomato Concentrate made from red ripe Tomatoes, Vinegar, Corn Syrup, Brown Sugar, Sugar, Spices, Salt, Molasses, Worcestershire Sauce, Citrus Juice, Onions, Garlic, Bell Pepper, Natural Flavors, Jack Daniel's Black Label Whiskey.