Jak Jeckel Pineapple Dreamin'

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Weight: 5 oz 

This sauce spices up the delicious citrus snap of our favorite Hawaiian fruit. Flavorful pineapple, ginger and assorted peppers come together beautifully in this golden sauce to provide the perfect mix of citrusy-sweet and spicy notes. The pineapple and peppery flavoring almost gives you a honey level of sweet without being overly candied. This sauce makes the perfect accompaniment to salty dishes, heavily flavored foods, and of course…HAM!


Pineapple, Roasted Yellow Bell Pepper, Lime Juice, Orange Habanero, Mustard Seed, Honey, Apricot, Raw Sugar, Sea Salt, Ginger, Black Pepper, Dried Carolina Reaper,Lemon Zest, Citric Acid & Spices.