Just Not Salt & Pepper - Marjoram Leaf

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A close relative of oregano and lavender, sweet Marjoram Leaf's taste is a bit minty, with a warm, woody bottom note. It’s got a touch of citrus that add a sharp little edge, and it finishes with pleasantly bitter floral notes. Marjoram Leaf has gentle perfume; delicate and woodsy, with a slight hint of pepper from the floral flavors. It’s got an essential oil content of just over 1%, so its flavor is present, but not aggressive.

It is beautiful with lemon on broiled fish, and adds a subtle herbal quality to New England Clam Chowder. Knead into dough for an herbed bread. Toss eggplant with Marjoram Leaf and olive oil and grill. Season vinegar with Marjoram Leaf for your own special vinaigrette, or make a compound butter with Marjoram Leaf and enjoy it with baked potatoes. Roll goat cheese in Marjoram Leaf and finely ground black pepper for an easy appetizer.